The Party Starts At Dusk

Donnelly Wildlife Management-South Carolina

One scary thing to stumble upon in a remote corner of 8000-acre wildlife habitat is an abandoned farmhouse. Following a guide map to the Boyton nature trail, there sits the castoff old homestead. The Boyton family raised cattle on part of the rice plantation in the early 1900s and built the one-story frame house.

Boyton House Colleton County South Carolina

The exterior features layered shingles and a decorative gable peak, expressing the thought that went into the details of the stucture.

Boyton House in Colleton County South Carolina

The closer you get it is easy to feel the good vibes that surround this once loved home. Years of sitting in the elements have deteriorated its appearance, but the details remain.

The nature trail leads through wooded uplands and borders the beautiful wetlands of coastal South Carolina.

Taking photos of the interior of the home is not allowed. Standing outside it is easy to think it is unoccupied, but I can say is that in an area that offers some of the most valuable resources on the earth, nothing goes to waste. Here in Donnelly, part of the Ace Basin, Rafinesque’s big-eared bats has made the home their habitat. This bat is on the state of South Carolina’s endangered species list.

Bat roosting area-Donnelly wildlife area

I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Thank you for stopping by and if you should visit the area

you may want to “hang around” because the party starts at dusk 🙂

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  1. Fun title and nice captures of the Boynton House, Alice. I love the details at the peaks.

    The signs about the bats are new this year, management also removed lots of vegetation around the building over the last year. I had wondered if that’s how they discovered the bats were there. That nature trail always offers something interesting 😁.

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