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The Wells, Augusta’s Beautiful Theatre

The Wells, Augusta’s Beautiful Theatre was built for the presenting of vaudeville and photoplays to the community by Mr. Jake Wells. The Theatre opened on Monday, February 18, 1918. A reporter for The Augusta Chronicle attended the opening and reported in the paper the following day: “Presenting B. F. Keith’s Supreme Vaudeville Co. Formerly of The Grand Opera House, another Jake Wells operated venue.” It was very successful first week. Below are price listings for opening night.

Prices for Opening Night, Feb. 18, 1918

  • Matinee: $0.10 and $0.20
  • Evening: $0.15
  • Orchestra $0.35
  • Balcony: First Section: $.35
  • Remainder: $0.25
  • Gallery (Colors Section) $0.15

To read more about the history of this theater or to get an event schedule click here

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