Julius Rosenwald Foundation- Two Room Schoolhouse

Gifford, South Carolina-

Looking forward to the day the boards come down and new windows are installed.

Historic 2 room school house restoration project
Historical property marker-Gifford Rosenwald School
Gifford RRosenwalkd School

As stated on the South Carolina Historic Properties Record:

Originally constructed in 1920, Gifford Rosenwald School faces west, fronting onto Columbia Highway (S.C. 321). The original design did not conform to the stock building plans for two-teacher schools that were available through the Rosenwald Foundation, but the floorplan is quite similar to the two-teacher “Model No. 4” school detailed in the U.S. Bureau of Education’s 1914 publication entitled Rural Schoolhouses and Grounds. Gifford Rosenwald is significant under Criterion A for its association with the history of African American education in Hampton County, South Carolina from 1920 to 1958.

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