The Honey Bucket

Shute Park-Hillsboro Oregon

Exploration, parks, hikes, and very green trees would describe this past week best for me. Taking a chance on the reliability of the Covid vaccine I broke away from Coastal Georgia and went to visit my children in Oregon.

A close-by small park has an evenly paved walking trail that is very comfortable for me. It’s the fragrance of the spring flowers blooming, also called my name.

The park is located next to the Library that has a cool community mural:

Along the walkway there are picnic areas, seating, and a small outdoor theater:

Here you can read about Uncle George:

And if you feel the need to freshen up after your relaxing stroll just head over to the Honey Bucket πŸ™‚

On my way out I took a minute to check out the history of the park on the information panel:

Shute Park Centennial panel

So often the off the path places that locals find enjoyment are the most interesting.

Thanks for visiting and have a sparkling clean day


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