Happy Cows Make Good Milk

In recent years we have seen the milk cases at the grocery stores getting larger. The sale of alternatives to dairy is steadily increasing. The farmers are fighting back with billboards that say “nut milk is not milk”.

Nut milk

They argue that it more like a juice because it is plant-based and squeezed out of a nut or bean. Other dairy supporters caution consumers to read the nutritional label carefully because “real milk” has natural vitamins that you may not get in the “nut milk”

One of the reasons folks choose the alternatives is because for many the lactose (a sugar) in the milk is hard to digest.

The dairy manufacturers got the message loud and clear as they watched their demand fall. To get back in the game they are processing milk with lactase an enzyme to change the sugar.

Or you can try A2 that comes from happy cows.

The company promises that each of their cows is treated as a VIC (very important cow).

And, if you decide to stay with just the regular old fashioned milk you can buy either the store brands to save a few pennies or a named brand. Either way you will get the same nutritional value.

Nothing better than a cold of glass milk with a bag of Oreo’s…..yummy

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