A Smooth Stinger

Moving to the Southeastern United States puts one’s senses on high alert. It takes a bit of getting used to having a snake on the driveway, alligators on your bike path, and a whole lot of creepy crawlers.

Out on my porch I am always running off the wasp, and they are quite aggressive insect.

Wasp making a home

But my biggest worry is getting bit by a spider. Especially, a native Black Widow, which has potent venom, and two fangs to cause extreme pain. Here is a photo I found courtesy of Pixabay.

Black widow

I have a large plastic bin to store beach chairs and toys, and it is a perfect dark hiding place.

Too many times I have met face to face with all sorts of bitty bugs. To alert my visitors and to remind myself of these quiet intruders I keep a plastic spider hanging overhead.

Plastic spider

It works every time.


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  1. Love your plastic spider!! We have creepy crawlers here too. I’ve come very close to stepping on a scorpion at night in bare feet. Yikes!

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