King Cotton’s Palace-Savannah

Georgia Historical Society Marker:

“The Savannah Cotton Exchange building was completed in 1887 during the era when Savannah ranked first as a cotton seaport on the Atlantic and second in the world. In its heyday as a cotton port over two million bales, a year moved through Savannah. The Cotton Exchange was the center of activity in the staple which dominated this city’s economic life before its evolution into a leading industrial seaport.”

Savannah Cotton Exchange Historical Marker
Savannah Cotton Exchange Building
Freemasons Hall
Savannah Cotton Exchange-Bay at Drayton
Architect-William Gibbons Preston

 The Exchange is believed to be one of the few structures in the world erected over an existing public street.

Back in the 1880’s, Savannah was the number one exporter of cotton off the Atlantic shipping more than two million bales a year.

Fountain at the Savannah Cotton Exchange

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