Coffin Point Praise House-

“Originally built around 1900 and rebuilt following a fire in the 1950s, the Coffin Point Community Praise House differs slightly in construction from other local praise houses in that it has two windows framing the entrance along with three steps leading to the front door.”

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Coffin Point Praise House Beaufort County
1900 Praise house
Praise house or Prays house

Located on St. Helena Island-Beaufort County South Carolina

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  1. Interesting to know of a place literally named “Coffin Point” and I wonder why? I googled to read it and realised it was a plantation and where slaves worked on. Ebenezer Coffin….it should be Scrooge! Sad that in those days slavery was allowed. At least they had this praise house to keep them safe and for them to pray and gather. Thanks for the historical share

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