Past Office Of The Voodoo Sheriff

Beaufort South Carolina

1911 Levin Building
1911 Levin Building
The Levin Building
Cornerstone information marker

High Sheriff of the Lowcountry, Ed McTeer, was sheriff for 37 years from 1924 until 1963. Known for years as the “Boy Sheriff,” McTeer became Sheriff at 23 when he replaced his father, James E. McTeer, who died after winning reelection in 1924.  He battled with rum-runners during Prohition, nude beaches on Cat Island in the 1930’s and the infamous Dr. Buzzard, the Lowcountry witch doctor with whom McTeer frequently engaged in and out of the courtroom.  At a time when the county was mostly rural and thinly populated, he managed to gain a respect from everyone, black and white, that allowed him to rarely carry a gun.  McTeer became known as the White Witch Doctor of the Lowcountry, practicing white magic.

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