Twenty Fours Hours Later

Covid 19 vaccination

I suppose you could say I shiver at the thought of my senior status ,but this week age offered a good benefit.

The state of Georgia opened up their Covid-19 vaccination phone lines for folks sixty five and older. The first morning open I called and as expected had a difficult time getting through. Finally, after about four hours of redialing a live person answered. Politely she gathered my information and told me that later that day I would receive a call back with a scheduled time to receive the vaccine.

I waited never letting the phone get away from my side for ten days. Local news kept the community updated and asked for patience. They closed the appointment phone line to focus on getting the supply of shots to the people.

Yesterday morning, no longer anxiously waiting, the return call came and they asked me if I was available for a five o’clock opening.

I said “absolutely, I will be there”.

Thinking about the news coverage and the social media photos of many people I set out early allowing plenty of time to stand in line.

What I found was a short line, law enforcement assisting medical personnel, vans with assisted living residents, elderly folks with walkers and in wheel chairs. Overall a group of people working together for the good health of mankind.

The staff looked exhausted but diligent in their duties. Not only were they giving the vaccinations, but helping with registrations, sanitizing, and keeping folks socially distant all with a pleasant attitude.

Friends, let me say one thing, these folks are truly the heroes in this crisis. Looking back over the past nine months the moment I first put on a mask is vivid, but what I saw yesterday I will never forget. With tears in my eyes I thanked the nurse for not only my shot but for her dedication to her profession. It is really a process to get these vaccinations out to everyone.

So many have been lost to a wicked virus, but so many have been saved by these earthly angels.

As for side effects as of now I have slight soreness at the injection site.

Over all my experience to receive the vaccine came with very little trouble.

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  1. Good to hear that they have things operating well. You are right about the heros, the regular folk who make things go smoothly are rarely as appreciated as they should be.

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