The Mysterious Wood Beam

Folly Field Beach-Hilton Head Island

My neighbor excitedly knocked on my door yesterday. She asked me to grab my camera and get down to the beach. A wood beam had washed ashore and a group of curious folks were speculating as to what it might be.

It appears to me to be old because of the wood pegs. The group of onlookers convinced themselves that it is part of an old ship possibly from the Civil War. The island had a Fort close to this area of the beach.

Them beam is sturdy, and heavy enough to stay in place for a long time. Perhaps a recent hurricane dislodged it from a long time resting place.

Washed up wood beam on Hilton Head Island

The more I studied the photos, I began to think it may be a part of a fishing pier.

Wood pegs in a piece of a washed up beam
Wood beam with round holes

Does anyone have an idea of what this might be?

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts, and will update you all when I hear something new.

Have a good day, and thanks for dropping in


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