Harleston Village

Colonial Lake Park-Charleston South Carolina

One thing living in Savannah taught me is to get away from the tourist areas and check out other areas of the city.  I took a drive to Charleston with my lunch packed in a cooler and decided to relax at Colonial Lake.  It is outside of the Historic district but very close by.  The walk around the lake is enjoyable and the flower gardens are beautiful.

Black eyed Susans
Black eyed Susans
Colonial Lake Park
Flower garden at Colonial Lake Park

The neighborhood is called Harleston Village and was established in 1770.  Take a look at these beautiful homes.

Side porch
Traditional Charleston side porch
Two story side porch
Two story side porch
Harleston Village home
Upper and lower porch
Soft pink home
Soft pink
Victorian home
Weather vane
Enclosed side porch
Enclosed side porch

The sidewalk has pavers set in different areas

Wide city sidewalk
Wide city sidewalk with slate pavers

And staying true to the look of the South the fancy iron work on fencing and gates finishes off the view from the other side of the pond.

Iron gate and fence
Ornamental iron gate and fence
Colonial lake park
Looking over the pond

If you make your way to Charleston South Carolina, program your GPS for Trumbo Street and you will arrive in this village neighborhood.

Trumbo Street
Trumbo  Street

I hope you are enjoying the sites of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina.  Charleston is a city rich in history, great restaurants, many parks, beautiful year round flowers and so much to see.

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