Rare Narrow Gauge Train

Hardeeville South Carolina

Argent Lumber Company Engine No. 7

“The Argent train Engine No. 7 was donated to the town of Hardeeville upon the closing of the Argent Lumber Company. This narrow gauge train is a rarity and attracts many people from across the nation. This wood burning steam locomotive with balloon smoke stack was built by the H.K. Porter Company around 1910. It was used by the Argent Lumber Company to haul timber from forest to mill. In 1960 the locomotive was donated to the City of Hardeeville for public display as a testament to the role that the timber and lumber industry played in the economic growth of Hardeeville”.  

Information provided by: hardeevillesc.gov/

Engine number 7
A rare narrow gauge train
Balloon Smoke Stack
Wood burning steam locomotive
Argent lumber engine 7
Argent lumber engine 7
Historic marker
Historic marker engine 7

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Hardeeville South Carolina is close to the Georgia-South Carolina state line.  Travelers on I95 will find lodging, restaurants, gas and other services at Exit #5, and it’s a small town so check out the train just up the road.


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