A Peek Through The Porthole

Thunderbird porthole
Classic Thunderbird porthole window
Classic Ford Thunderbird
Ford Thunderbird early release
Continental kit
Continental kit to free up trunk space
Chrome bumper
Shiny chrome rear bumper, arched tire cover
Thunderbird emblem
Thunderbird emblem-1955-1956
Thunderbird door handle
Door handle and a separate key hole
Whitewall tire
Whitewall tire on the Thunderbird

“Ford began its development of the Thunderbird in the years following World War II, during which American servicemen had the opportunity to observe sleek European sports cars. General Motors built the first American sports car: the Chevrolet Corvette, released in 1953. The undeniably sleek Corvette’s initial engine performance was relatively underwhelming, but it was gaining lots of attention from the press and public, and Ford was motivated to respond, rushing the Thunderbird to the market in 1955″

To read more about this classic car from History.com Click here

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  1. A nice peek, not only into the porthole, but into history. I remember being awed by the T-bird my college president got. Nice photos, nice car! Thank you!

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