Corn Cobs and Cars

Richmond Hill Georgia

Henry Ford Mural
2019 Mural at JF Gregory Park of Henry Ford
Information Marker for Henry Ford Mural
Information marker for Henry Ford Mural
C Walker Artist
C Walker artist

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Monday Mural

3 thoughts

  1. Nice mural Alice. I had no idea you could made plastic out of corn, how interesting, and I’m sure it would be bio-degradable too.
    Thanks for participating in Monday Murals.

  2. What an incredible mural. It was like seeing an old lithograph, but with the corn stalks on either side. I knew about making plastic from corn, and now they make all kinds of things, including ethanol, toothpaste, corn syrup (duh), and perfume, etc. This is a fabulous mural and a wonderful history lesson, too.

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