Community Mural Project

Technical College of the Low Country-Beaufort South Carolina

You all are probably wondering why I’m wandering around a technical school campus, that happens to be closed for the session.

There’s just something special about this school.  First, the school overlooks the beautiful Beaufort River and the scenery is so calming.

Beaufort River
The edge of the Beaufort River

Second you will be walking on the site of a piece of history from the reconstruction era.

Historic Marker Mather School
Historic Marker for the Mather School
Mather School 1867
Drawing of original building in 1867

And as you continue along the sidewalks you will head under ground.

Then we come to the most interesting part of the walk.  This school teaches whether it is opened or closed.

In 2017 the school engaged local artists to paint a community mural of the true stories of the history of Beaufort County. Highlighting different eras and famous folks it is really a unique piece of  art to learn from.

Tunnel Mural
Mural entering the tunnel

I will highlight the best I can what some of the parts represent.

Local folks that were high achievers

Robert Smalls Mural
Robert Smalls-sea captain for the Union Navy
Joe Frazier Mural
Joe Frazier-Champion Boxer
Candace Glover Mural
Candace Glower- Winner on American Idol
Ron Parker mural
Ron Parker NFL Player

Beaufort South Carolina is located 1/2 way between Savannah Georgia and Charleston South Carolina.  The small seaside city has an abundance of history, and beautiful architecture.

There are also so great restaurants that feature local seafood, and a southern favorite “key lime pie”

Key lime pie
Key lime pie

Thanks for stopping by.

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