Holding On To Better Days Ahead

Most of us are finding it hard to know what to believe on the news these days.  Of course, everything gets politicized, and the normal for journalism has become part fact and part opinion. This morning I received a text from my sister that said, ” I heard that the cases of Covid-19 are still going up in Georgia.

It’s been over one month since Governor Kemp started to open some businesses, including hair salons.  Yes, the media had a new villain to go after, and I almost felt like some reported like they were hoping to see his plan fail.

Since I am considered a vulnerable person due to age, the order has me sheltering until June 12th, and I am comfortable with that.

As the date is approaching,  I check the statistics when I hear that the cases are going up.  The Georgia Department of Public Health today reported confirmed cases rose by forty-nine.

May27 Covid 19 Georgia
Georgia Department of Health

Now, let’s compare that to April 28th, when reported confirmed cases rose by 917.

In one month, with many businesses open and adhering to the policy of the local health officials, things seem to be improving.
Maybe it’s time to show some optimism and get that number to zero.

We can still mourn for the losses, and at the same time,  look forward to the end of the 2020 pandemic.

Deaths surpassed 100,000 today in the United States.  Prayers for all here and throughout the world.  Unimaginable times.


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  1. Here in Virginia we just started reopening last week and now starting this Friday we’re required to wear masks in public. I’m just fine with staying home.

  2. I think optimism is so important. Be hopeful. Be considerate. It’s not over yet, but we have to move forward. I am getting out as much as I can. However, I might choose more outdoor activities, and we’ve already eaten several meals outdoors. That works. I think each person has his/her own situation and they need to do what is best for them. Here’s hoping that each week life is a little bit better.

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