Using Fire To Preserve Rare Trees

Pinckney Island South Carolina

Last year I took you all along on a walk to the Rookery on Pinckney Island NationalWildlife Refuge in coastal South Carolina.  Today I ventured out to the second mile, which gets more secluded , but since folks are out walking I felt safe enough to do this alone.  Bobcats are my biggest fear, since I have been around long enough to know how sneaky the alligators can be.  So I use the zoom to get pictures of them.

American alligator
American alligator

One of the things I noticed was that the left side of the road was burned.  Controlled burns are done to preserve rare trees.

Just around the bend at the end of mile 2 sits a welcoming bench

After a quick rest I decided to head back, I hadn’t seen anyone for a while, so that was as far as I could make it.

On the way back I stopped at the Ibis pond.  It’s never boring there.

On the first mile stretch its easy to see the salt marsh and a look at the Port Royal sound

Thanks for walking along.  Maybe during our down time we’ll get closer to nature and learn how to live as peaceful as the wildlife.

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