Beef On Weck

Buffalo New York

Friends, if you by chance find yourself in the beautiful city of Buffalo New York, a must thing to do is find a place to dine and order “beef on weck”.

Buffalo is a city known for delicious food and most folks would instantly think of chicken wings as it’s most popular dish..  Since this is my hometown I’ll share a food tip with you.

A local favorite since the 1800’s is thinly sliced roast beef on a kummelweck roll.  The roll is similar to a kaiser roll with course salt and caraway seeds.  This sandwich is a Buffalo specialty. I always top mine off with horseradish, enough to clear the sinuses.

Beef on Weck
Buffalo NY specialty sandwich beef on weck

No recommendations of a specific place is necessary.  Any corner tavern, restaurants, and even ice cream shops serve this local favorite.

And Yes!!!! the chicken wings are fantastic too!!!!  My grandma always said the food was so tasty in Buffalo because of things were made with water from the great Lake Erie.




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