Debunking the Sears House Mishap Myth

You may already have heard about a certain house in Georgia where the windows were, according to the myth, installed upside down. Renewal by Andersen® of Memphis takes a close look at this myth. The “Sears Catalogue Home” In the middle of historic Savannah, Georgia is a peach-colored house with windows highlighted with green shutters. … Continue reading “Debunking the Sears House Mishap Myth”

Source: Debunking the Sears House Mishap Myth – Renewal by Andersen of Memphis

Historic Savannah
Historic Savannah home known to some as the house with upside down windows

Monday Windows

This is just one of the many beautiful homes in Savannah Georgia

Savannah is so cool and a perfect year round travelers destination 🙂


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  1. Well, they look upside down to me. Will have to visit Savannah to take a closer look. Any excuse is a good reason for visiting Savannah!

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