Echo Square-Savannah-Hello Hello

Savannah Georgia

Today we’re taking a walk on River Street in Savannah Georgia.  Along the way you’ll find many places to eat, shop, read historic markers, view monuments and enjoy the amazing view of the Savannah River.

But if you happen to see folks standing still and shouting just look for the X.

This spot within in a brick circle does not have any information markers but is a fun attraction along the river walk.

Echo Square
Echo Square marks the spot to stand and shout and for some reason your voice echoes

Jot this information down if you plan to visit beautiful Savannah Georgia at anytime.  This is not well marked or advertised and you may have to grab a local to lead the way.

We were lucky enough to have a Marvin a local performer join us and he offered to speak to all of you.

After listening to the two guys echo back and forth I just had to give it a try.

Echo Square
Standing on the spot to hear an echo

River Street is a long walk along a cobblestoned road or a brick walk along side the Savannah river.  To easily find the X, look for “Bob’s your uncle, Fannie’s your aunt” and you will see it.


Savannah is so cool and is a year round travel destination 🙂

Thanks to Jo for hosting Monday Walks


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  1. I didn’t hear ya, and I had my ear pressed to the screen! 🙂 🙂 Oh, you whispered? Thanks for taking me to lovely Savannah anyway! Have a great week, Alice!

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