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Holy Angels Church, Buffalo New York

Sad news for the Holy Angels Parish on Porter Avenue in Buffalo New York.  I has been announced that after 165 years of being home to the Catholic community on the lower west side the church will close in July of 2020.

Holy angels
Serving the Catholic community for 165 years in Buffalo NY

As reported by the local news outlets the church and adjacent buildings have structural issues that financially cannot be supported.

Front Middle Entry:

Holy Angels Church
Front entrance Holy Angels Catholic Church

Front right and left:

About the Parish:

Historical Marker-Buffalo
Buffalo and Erie County Historical Marker Holy Angels Parish

Complimenting the front of the church is the stained glass rose window:

Stained glass
The Rose window

The church is located on Porter Avenue close to the  Peach Bridge which connects New York State to Fort Erie Ontario.

The photos featured were taken in August 2019 and the closing was announced in October 2019.


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