The Big Prize

The importance of this day is that seniors go on Medicare, the government’s healthcare program.
Some folks refer to it as “free” healthcare, but actually, you have paid for it your entire working life.IMG_8975
Also, there is a small premium for parts A and B, but it comes at a low cost compared to private health insurance. Depending on an individual’s circumstance, supplements are available that will eliminate the words “co-pay,” and “deductibles.” Low-cost prescription plans are also available.

As you approach this time of life, there are Medicare seminars and consultants to assist you with your choice of extra coverage to fill in the gaps.

Just when I started to think this can’t get any better, my Doctors office called to schedule a free “Welcome to Medicare” physical. Included in the part “B” coverage which is elective, it is a wellness visit with an EKG.

Medicare has many plans and parts that can be confusing.  To learn more about it and prepare in advance click here to visit

Even if I did pay many years for this benefit for some reason today I feel like a  winner!

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