The Scent of Fresh Water

Tonawanda New York-Niagara River

Summertime and waterways usually go hand in hand for seasonal activities, and swimming is at the top of the list. IMG_0111Along the two-mile Greenway trail on the shoreline of the Niagara River, if you see a person in the water, they are likely in extreme danger.





Seagulls and geese have the right IMG_0151idea by just hanging out on the shore.







In-flight seagulls stay low hunting for fish IMG_0157that are close to the surface of the water.






The scent, aqua color, and gently rolling waves of the Niagara River are captivating.IMG_0120  It’s easy to get lured to the water’s edge.

To stay out of trouble with the undertow, look for a shallow area.





You will be tempted to go further, as the harmonious surroundings show off such beauty. Come back to reality and stay in place. The water is moving faster than it appears.

Follow the warning of the birdsIMG_0115 on the pier who instinctively behave as guardians.





Happy Safe Travels 🙂


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