Corn Flakes for Everyone

Happy to say that my recent road trip was tons of fun.  I started out in Savannah made my way to Canada and back home through Pennsylvania and the east coast states.  Actually, I would say it was a perfect trip except for my miscommunication with the GPS system in the car.  When I entered the destination and checked the fastest route I assumed it would take me on the turnpike.  I should have been clearer on Which Way to get there.



Pennsylvania is full of farmland and I passed miles and miles of cornfields on the rural routes.

Lancaster County Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is known for beautiful mountains, rivers, and lakes

Taking the rural state routes the scenery is beautiful but you give up the accommodating rest stops along the turnpikes.

I hope you all are enjoying the summer…….

And when the days get shorter and the sun takes a rest we can all look forward to eating lots of…..


Happy Safe Travels 🙂







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