The Door That Never Closes

Here’s to all the Grandma’s in the world who step up and take care of children of their children. Yes, just when they get a glimpse of freedom again, sad-looking eyes can end up on the doorstep.
They will give up long-standing careers, a revived social life, a clean home, retirement savings, all in the name of love.  IMG_6549In the autumn of life with mature wisdom and patience, the love of these little ones means more than anything life has to offer.

Somewhere in the moment of this joy, they set aside the reality that these children do not belong to them.  The situation may be created by choice or necessity of the parents to reach out but it doesn’t matter, the little ones are not theirs to keep.

I advocate that the courts follow the example of commitment to the children like Grandma’s have.
Taking children away from a loving stable family life should at least be reviewed for each situation presented. A “too bad, so sad” we feel for you but no you can’t keep them is not good enough.  There may be unforeseen consequences at a later time for all involved.

All states in the US have a variation of visitation rights for Grandparents.
They only work if you’re one of the lucky ones that deal with reasonable parents.










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