Junk Mail

Upon my return from my six week journey to Europe I faced the dreadful task of deleting  emails Screen Shot 2019-08-09 at 5.31.47 PM

and unsubscribing from websites I never subscribed to.


That’s easy enough, just drag and drop into the trash, and hit the delete key.

The stamped mail is a much bigger job.IMG_7988

Sorting and reading is necessary just in case there is something important in the pile. No surprise there wasn’t.

Once upon a time when unknown mail was delivered to your box, folks would just write “Return to Sender“, and away it would go.  The good old days.

But…..Since I always try to find the bright side of all my challenges, today I am thankful that this is not my mailox:


And here’s an Elvis tune to get your weekend started

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