The Short List

Determined to cross things off my “to-do” list I am happy to say that I had one of the most productive weeks in the midst of a heatwave.  To give you an idea of how much I have put behind me in the past seven days here is the short list:

  • Applied for Medicare and all the necessary parts
  • Met with a friend to lend an ear on a pressing issue
  • Went to the eye doctor, and ordered new glasses
  • Had a successful real estate transaction close
  • Traded in my car that had an expired lease
  • Planned my next road trip
  • Babysat twice for my baby bear Tom

Trading in the car was the most time consuming of all.  I started at the local dealership and as hard as they worked to find what I was looking for they just didn’t have it.  The closest they came was with an SUV, even though I’m a sedan kind of person.  I considered the option because it is higher off the ground and seemed to be a smooth drive.  The vehicle was pre-owned and that was what I was looking for since I am stepping closer to full retirement.  After two days of checking out websites, and stopping by every car lot I passed, I ruled it out.  What held me back was a pet odor in the vehicle.  The dealership assured me that it could be neutralized but I could not get comfortable with it.

Finally, on Friday I got a call from the Sales Agent informing me of a trade-in.  A sedan with every option and the color I was looking for became available.  Quickly I  told him I’ll take it,  and was so happy to have the car shopping monkey off my back.




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