Parkstein Volcano

Today was the best weather day I have had visiting here in Bavaria these past two weeks.  With my daughter “Sweet E, the pastry chef” the idea of hiking up a volcano sounded like a good idea.  We drove to a town called Parkstein about 15 Minutes from Weiden Germany.


It is built around a inactive volcano mountain with a gentle slope making it an easy hiking trail.

The elevation is just under 2000 Feet, and it begins with an old set of stairs and the aid of a rail.  About halfway the stairs end and an easy path guides you to the top.


There are benches along the way to take a rest and old ruins to look at.
At the top is a small church, religious monuments, a compass, and an incredible view.


The church at the top was locked, I took a peek through the keyhole on the door.


After a quick rest at the top, we made our way down on a different path and followed the signs to the museum in town.

The town of Parkstein had their Maypole in front of  the volcano museum. There was also a guest house and a small market and cafe nearby.


Here is a photo of the sign in the parking area, with the full name of this site.


The walk to the top was easy enough for me and I would recommend it for walking children. It is not stroller or wheelchair accessible.
Restrooms are available near the parking area.

Have a great rest of the day friends, I hope you have a chance to get out in the sunshine, meanwhile, I’ll be resting my toes


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