Botanical Garden

Bayreuth Germany-University

My first walk on this visit to Germany included some time indoors and some outdoors.   I’m still adusting to the 30+ degree drop in temperature and experiencing a few aches and pains.

The botanical garden at the University in Bayreuth was a good choice.  Actually, I warmed up real well  in the greenhouses.  At the entrance is a global guide that is color coded for the different regions and plants on display.

There is not an admission charge but a donation box is at the entrance.  Staff is also available for any questions and provides pamphlets with additional information.

Let’s take a look inside the greenhouse 🙂

Hanging moss, palm trees and  humidity, I begin to at home in Savannah

 Fuzzy fruit

Flowers of all colors

The unique plants kept my grandchildren interested

The desert display could only be viewed through the glass


As we finished up we all agreed that it was a good exhibit and if you’re visiting the area and would like to see and feel the greenery of the world it’s a good choice.

Here is the contact information for this facility:


Thanks for visiting and if you’re eager to keep moving visit: