Chatter Warning

Morning is a prime time to feel the bodies aches and pains and most of us learn to deal with it.  After a few minutes out of bed, and a few good stretches, things begin to loosen up. Soon enough you should be ready to get the day started.

Recently I had a morning that did not follow the usual routine. A headache was starting from a disturbing ring in my ears.IMG_5379

As the headache intensified and anxiety set in I found my way to an Urgent Care Clinic.  There’s no reason to take a chance with health issues.

Lucky for me they were not busy and I was able to get in an exam room quickly.  A nurse came right in and began taking vital signs and the results did not alarm her in any way. In a friendly conversation, we realized we had a mutual friend and the nurse knew about my recent retirement.  Just as the blood pressure monitor displayed good results the doctor entered the room.  She read the chart and  I explained how loud the ring was in my ears. The nurse was still carrying on about the conversation she and my mutual friend had and how well I would adapt to a slower pace of life.

The Doctor placed her hands on my neck and moved my head right to left.  She then suggested I check for side effects of any medications I may be taking.  Lifting the chart attached to a clipboard she began to scribble:

The patient is experiencing ringing in the ears possibly due to medication side effects or from an overload of chatter among friends regarding her recent retirement.

My Superstitious Grandma always said you know when you’re being talked about because your ears will ring.














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