The Delicates Drawer

When the lavender bloomed in late spring a nearby merchant stocked the crop from the local farmers growing it.Fresh Cut Lavender

The shop would tie the flower in a bunch and set them outdoors in a basket.  Those walking by would get a hint of the scent and the baskets would empty quickly.  Beside a pretty floral arrangement, they are sought out for many reasons.

Lavender sachets are a great choice of fragrance for clothing drawers.  Long before the scented dryer sheets, these flowers snipped into tiny pieces, folded into a sheer piece of cloth were tucked away into the delicates and sock drawers.

The longevity of its use goes back into history.  For this reason, it is believed to have medicinal qualities. Some people extract the oil from the stem or flower spikes.  Applying it to the skin as an antiseptic, or drinking it in a tea to ease the digestive system are just two common uses for illness.

But as with all the good things, it also brings a slight chance of confronting danger. Lavender

Should you find yourself sneezing when this plant is nearby, or you have a known allergy to flowers you may take a precaution before indulging in that hot cup of relaxing tea.


Sweet Dreams friends 🙂

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  1. I always love the scent of fresh lavender and it is a pity as in Singapore it is too hot and humid to grow lavender. Lucky you to have seasons and lovely blooms like fragrantly scented lavender.

  2. Here’s an old one for you. Take a bar of Cashmere Bouquet soap, grate it like you would cheese, place a few ounces in a mesh bag and put in Linen Closet. Your Linen’s will smell grand. (A generation removed once, trick)

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