River boats

Savannah Georgia



Happy sails to you

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  1. Great photo’s to bring back memories. The last time in Savannah was 2009. My daughter and I both worked for a local county government, me, Emergency Management planning, She, Health Department, Emergency Health. Together we had traveled to Orlando to the National Hurricane Conference for a week. Returning to Maryland we made it to Savannah after the last class of the day in Orlando. Starved at the time, we immediately headed out for dinner. First stop was an Olive Garden, parking lot full, line out the door, Outback, same thing. We got away from I-95 and headed into the city, parked the car and found the same crush for restaurant seats everywhere. Then we noticed ladies with flowers, wrist corsages and the like, a real DAH moment, February 14, Valentines Day.

    Eventually, we found a Greasy Spoon that was ready to close, they rushed us through the meal, we were its last customers. We endured a greasy meal, no ETOH on the menu to celebrate the week’s end or the day, and the gastric distress throughout the night that would come. I did get to see Savannah of so long ago. In 1966 it was a frequent point of travel when we lived in Beaufort, SC. The city has a special charm.

    We all enjoy delicious food,
    Makes us happy, fixes our mood.
    It’s all about the juicy taste,
    Doesn’t matter, where the food is placed. (It did on this festive night)

    First stansa @ http://www.anitapoems.com/poems-about-food.html

    Today, my daughter is a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Vice President of Population Health for a large hospital on the Delmarva Peninsula in MD. As for me, I’m a long-retired State Trooper who Journals every day, writes a blog about this, that and other things and tends to his small flock of backyard chickens. Still married after 53 years, 3 children, 9 grands and 4 greats. Life is special!

    Thanks, Alice


    1. Sounds like you are enjoying retirement , check out my posts about Beaufort. I’m headed that way tomorrow I volunteer at the National Cemetery. It’s a small city that is growing fast

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