Natural remedy for nasal congestion

For two nights I had throbbing in my left jaw.  I was blowing my nose and my ears crackled but I still did not get any relief.  I thought about using a decongestant but instead I took out the Neti Pot.  I normally use it after dusting or cleaning out a closet to avoid an allergy attack but hoped for help.  There have been some reports of people getting an infection that can cause death. But since that is rare, and I was in misery,  I went ahead and used it.  I boil tap water and let it cool to room temperature, and I like the packets with saline, but I have used sea salt and table salt.  Sterile water is important. Even though I did not feel drainage before I used the pot stuff came out and I was instantly relieved of the throbbing.  Anytime I can avoid a medication I’m a happy camper.


It may or may not work for you, and since I am not medically trained here is a video from WebMD with more information and proper use.

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