Last minute change of plans

My years as a “weekend worker” pushed me into taking every Friday off.  Today, as I regularly do, I went to  Mass at 12:15.  I’ve been told this does not excuse me from a Sunday obligation, but it works well for me.

I arrived on time and like a few others I missed the memo that there would not be a service today.  My first thought was to get back in my car and get a head start on errands.   My second thought was about all the other things I could have done this morning had I known.  Then I thought, I’m here I’ll stop in and sit for a moment.

The silence was embracing, and the longer I sat the more in depth with prayer I became.  Without interruptions, God heard an earful.


So, the point of my little story is that sometimes you just need to go with the turbulent flow to accomplish what you were set out to do.

Wishing you all peace, thanks for stopping by




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