1986 BestSeller

The Prince of Tides-Pat Conroy

Still tops the list as one of my favorite romance novels.  The story goes from the Low country of South Carolina to New York City, and back.

My favorite line in the book is on the last page:

“At the top of the bridge with the stars shining above the harbor, I look to the north and wish again that there were two lives apportioned to every man and woman“.

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Happy reading friends 🙂  Or you can skip the book and watch the 1991 movie with Barbra Streisand and Nick Nolte.

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  1. I agree! A fabulous book, as are so many of Conroy’s books. I’ve been to Beaufort before, but I may be taking a trip with my daughter again this year, with a visit to Charleston too. 🙂

  2. Have also read Prince of Tides, we also had the pleasure of calling Beaufort, SC home, circa 1966, back in the day I like to say. Shall always have a special love for the Low Country. Thank you, USMC!

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