Interstate Visitor Centers

Georgia Welcome Center-I95

The USA Interstate system is a convenient way to travel and there is no shortage of services along the way.   This morning I made a short trip from Savannah Georgia to Beaufort South Carolina.  I usually take the side roads to enjoy the scenery but today I hopped on the I95.  The state of Georgia opened a new welcome center in 2017 on the southbound lane at the state line and it offers much more than a rest area. Vending machines, information pamphlets, and greeters are available to assist you. The photos featured below are from my iPhone camera.

Welcome centers are usually located where travelers cross a state line but centers may be located off interstates on state Highways or entering cities and towns.  Accessibility and parking are very easy and one of my favorite travel tips are the coupon books available at these stops.  When using these coupons you may find that it is for availability that day and not for a future reservation, but the savings are big when you use them.  I always pick the book up and have it on hand for my trips, because I also use the paper map on the back cover.

One thing I would like to note is that Visitor centers may not be open 24 hours or on Holidays. You may want to check ahead of time when planning your itinerary or if you happen to be passing by one on your journey home, and they’re open just drop in.

Pet and family friendly!

Happy travels 🙂