Wide awake

My journey home

As I am sitting here yawning from the eleven hour flight and a total travel time of twenty hours my internal clock is still working fine. Waking me at 4am eastern time, which means that it’s 10am in Germany I’m both tired and awake today.

My trip started out with “Sweet E” my pastry chef daughter driving me to Munich where I spent the night at a hotel near the airport. We drove in her MiniVan.


With just a few hours sleep I then loaded my luggage into the Hotel Shuttle to the Munich Airport

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 4.58.09 PM

As I waited to board my plane in the Delta terminal I snapped a photo of this cool looking plane.


Upon arrival in Atlanta, after clearing customs I hopped on the people mover to change terminals.


Then on to the plane train to get to terminal “B’

Plane train

Once again on the connecting flight I used the overhead bin


Finally, the best words of the day, prepare for landing

Germany is a beautiful country with beautiful people but there’s no place like home and 70º South Carolina winters


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  1. Wonderful. I have Germany’s on my wish list. I saw some very colorful planes while at the airport in Spain. Wish I had thought to take pictures. Glad you are safe and home once more.

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