A visit to Vienna

With a few things in our favor this past weekend, “Sweet E” my pastry chef daughter, the little bears and I took a road trip through Austria.  School was closed on Friday which gave us an extra day, and the sun peeking in took the cold chill out of the air.


We booked a hotel for one night out of the city centre area in Vienna.  Accomodations for five made it a bit challenging, but it worked out fine because we were only two blocks from the tram station. The electric tram was easy, clean and let us off in the middle of it all.  Tickets were purchased at the station.

Since the trip was unplanned we did a lot of walking and admiring the architecture of the buildings.  I found myself often looking up,  my eye catching the guardians of the city and the church steeples watching over everyone.

I’m not an expert on international travel so I can’t offer a comparison to other landmark cities but the architecture is grand. It amazes me to look at the detail from bottom to top and think that this was all done by mind and hands.

What a beautiful world we live in….

Warm wishes





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