Smiling in the aisles


Today I am beginning to feel a bit more awake and adjusting well to the time difference on this visit to Germany.  Five hours forward is not so bad.

My little bear and I walked over to the grocery store and bakery.  The shelf items and freezer case have pictures on the labels. This makes it easy enough to know what you are buying.

The fresh meat case is confusing since the items are packaged differently.  I thought I was buying a whole chicken but as it turns out it was a duck.  It looked more slender than chicken and I’m glad I asked at the checkout.  We got through the language obstacle by the lady making a “quack quack” sound.  I replied with “cluck cluck” and she led me straight back to the chicken case.  We all had a good chuckle.

I am thankful for the warm folks in this small German community, that always makes me feel welcome while visiting my “little bears”.  When I smile and shrug my shoulders, store clerks and other shoppers are always eager to assist.

Bee Happy 🐝


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