Body parts scattered everywhere

The season of Halloween

My morning walk was anything but boring.  It is said that nothing good happens after midnight, and I found that to be true. Overnight, while I peacefully slept some real spooky stuff was going on.  Within minutes of the walk I tripped over a hand on the path, I cringed and kept going.  Then a skull, someone trapped in a car trunk, and eyeballs stuck to a tree. I have to get out of here!

Soon enough I turned the corner and walked out onto a dock. I started to catch my breath.  Then I noticed a big “orange” head sitting on top of a boat.


That did it!  I decided to take a shortcut home, making a quick stop at the corner store.


I squeezed by this old “friend” and grabbed a bottle of red wine. After checking out I stayed on the shortcut and quickly realized that was a bad idea.


I felt a chill down my back and something whispered in my ear “from this point on it’s the long way home”





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