Tow away zone

The days of keeping a pile of change in your car cupholder soon may not be necessary.  Most of us would probably agree with the idea of just doing away with annoying parking meters.  To get within a reasonable distance of any popular activity or site there are not many options.  If you’re driving it’s use a meter or a pay to park lot.  Recently,  I went to a busy shopping area and chose a metered space.  I grabbed as much change I could fit into the palm of my hand.  I always overpay to avoid the stress of timekeeping.   The coin slot was hidden on the bottom of the meter, and in bold print across the top it said, “call this number to pay”.  The way it works is you call the number and give them the location and space code. Then, they charge your credit card.  Some companies also have an app to download. They notify the local meter patrol and let them know how long you have paid for.  So, you can’t cheat!


Seems like a lot of “hoopla”, for these outdated machines.  Sure wish they would just let us spend that extra money at the businesses we are patronizing.




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  1. In the city where I live, all meters have credit card slots and there’s also a smartphone app you can use to pay for parking meters. So no need to carry around a pocketful of change.

  2. Oh, my, I agree with you, that seems like a lot of ‘hoopla’ and it didn’t really relieve any ‘work’ involved for the city?

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