I figured it out

It has been eleven days since “Doctor’s orders” are to get my cholesterol and blood pressure lower.  The attempted diet is going fairly well,  yes I’m cheating a bit because I’m really hungry.  This is my protein charged lunch from Thursday, white meat chicken salad, red beets, and chickpeas.


It was actually pretty good, a tall coca-cola would have been nice but I stayed with green tea and lemon.

The big question I ask myself is how did I get here?  Since I’ve eased into retirement I eat more at home taking control of the salt and sugars.  In the past, I would pull back on calories when I noticed my dresses and skirts getting a bit snug.  That’s when it dawned on me.  Since I am only working from home now I wear comfortable clothes like jogging pants and leggings.  The wider I get the more they stretch.  


With all kidding set aside, I am serious about taking care of my health.  Any tips for these common ailments would be appreciated.

Warm wishes


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  1. I find 2 poached eggs to be super great at controlling my hunger for many hours. If you are allowed eggs, maybe try that, or hard boiled in a salad with diet dressing.

  2. Ooh! I can identify with that! I wear mostly stretchy, comfortable clothes at home now that I have retired. Your lunch looks yummy, except for the beets. I am not a red beet person, but they are very popular right now!

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