Rooftop dinner and relaxing at the Grain Mills

 Buffalo New York

In recent years one of America’s oldest city has revitalilzed its downtown and Lake Erie waterfront areas.  Summer weather is perfect  for visitors and locals to get out and enjoy this city’s “old” neighborhoods becoming trendy and new.  We began our evening with a delicious Italian dinner on the rooftop patio at “Tappo” on Ellicott Street.   We looked at the menu   as the wait staff served, and  we quickly realized that three of us could easily have a “to go” box with two orders.  So, we opted for appetizers and cocktails to start, then sharing dinner.  The Restaurant is located in the heart of the downtown business area, and surrounded by buildings dating back to the early 1900’s.



For more information on the buildings in Buffalo “Click here

After a delicious cannoli for dessert, a relaxing walk just seemed like the perfect idea.  So off to Riverworks, a waterside entertainment complex designed around the historic grain   mills  and elevators.  I give the “thumbs up” to the city of Buffalo and the developer of Riverworks for preserving a great piece of history. This complex offers  an interesting way to share the past, and a valuable use of recycling  materials that laid around for many years.

Buffalo NY
Michigan Ave. Bridge
Buffalo River boats rides
Grain elevator
Grain Elevators Buffalo NY
Outdoor complex
River works Buffalo NY
Buffalo NY Bridges
Vertical lift bridge
Fire pit
Fire pit
River works
Outdoor seating fountain
River works Buffalo NY
Hanging plants
Grain silos
Creative 6 pack of Labatts Blue
Dunn tires
Buffalo tire company
Ice Skating
Indoor ice skating complex
Our door seating
Outdoor seating area
steel tub
Iron and steel remnants of the past

grain elevator
A look at the past
Grain silos
Side view

Grain elevator

Railroad area Buffalo NY
Buffalo grain mills
Great Northern elevator

In the “side view” photo of the silo, one can only imagine how much “fluffy” dry grain could be stored. Someone is eating alot of “Cherrios”

More photo from the rooftop of “Tappo”

Downtown Buffalo Ny
From the rooftop


Downtown Buffalo

Buffalo New York sits on the USA-Canada border, after touring this beautiful historic city its just a short 30 minutes to Niagara Falls.

Happy travels…so much to do and so much to see



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