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Lily Dale Assembly, World’s Largest Center for Religion of Spiritualism

During the past week, I’ve jotted down thoughts on how I could describe to my readers an interesting day trip I took last week. Each time I have sat down to write this short story, my thoughts and words jump around the paper and I could not get organized. Today, I decided to sleep in, avoid any unnecessary noise, then sit quietly on my porch and group my notes together.

I’ll begin by going back to March of 2018. A very close friend of mine lost her husband in a work-related accident. Death was not sudden for this man, he actually spent three weeks in a very grave state until his passing.
There were no witnesses to the accident and the family has so many unanswered questions.

The past few weeks I have been traveling and spent some time with this friend in New York. She asked me if I would accompany her to visit a Medium in Lily Dale NY located sixty miles from her home. Of course, I said “yes”.

Throughout my life, I have had odd things happen like dreaming about my Grandma and her scent filling my home the next day, or just getting that “uh-oh” feeling to keep me from making a bad choice. But with that said, I will admit I’m somewhat of a skeptic and easily write things off as coincidental.

Religion of Spiritualism
Spiritual community in Lily Dale New York

Our Visit

We left Buffalo early in the morning for the short drive to Lily Dale, New York on Cassadaga Lake. The community sits surrounded by mountains, and the closeby towns are popular for camping, hiking and summer getaway cottages.

Upon arrival, the gate attendant gave us an information booklet with a map, an introduction to the Mediums, a schedule of events, and services available.

Page 5 of the booklet reads

President Neal Rzepkowski welcomes you to Lily Dale

On behalf of all the Spirits of Lily Dale, both those living here in physical bodies, in this dimension, as well as those “from the other side” who join us, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our grounds and to our program.
I hope you will take the time to become aware of the peaceful and healing vibrations of our safe and magical place. Here, some amazing things can be observed and experienced which may challenge your rational, logical mind. Yet, many forget that scientific studies have repeatedly shown that consciousness survives, even if our physical bodies do not.

The community resembles the 1800’s and welcomes visitors by coloring your world with floral gardens, and lawn ornaments.  Homes are uniquely painted and decorated.


Making the appointment

My friend decided that we would walk around until she felt comfortable enough to sign in for a reading. We strolled the unpaved roads and admired the homes and gardens. Finally, at one home she said “this is it” and she put her first name on the sign in sheet for a 1:30 appointment. We had a few hours to spare so we continued touring the grounds and had lunch at the Sunflower Cafe.


It’s time

During the reading, I went over to the lake and put my feet in the cold water. That’s when the overwhelming sense of tranquility came over me. I sat there and admired the beauty God set before me. I prayed that my friend would get the comfort she was seeking. I had absolutely no interested in checking my I phone. I just wanted to enjoy my own thoughts and surroundings.


2 PM

I started back towards the home of her session and as soon as I approached the street she was walking my way. The glowing look and smile on her face let me know that she found some comfort. It’s not my place to share the personal details of anothers reading. What I can tell you is that I listened to the recording of it in my CD player and some of the details were spot on regarding specific issues.

More Photos of the community


My personal thoughts on the whole experience

I left there feeling very calm and I am still calm today
Visiting a community that reflects the past  really has me thinking about  keeping life simple.
I enjoyed the spiritualism in the community and the soft-spoken folks who live there

With that being said, I shrug my shoulders, throw my hands in the air and embrace the good vibrations.

Bee Happy 🐝

Bee Kind 🐝

Share your love and gifts with all…..


For hours, directions and more information click here






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  1. You made me really curious but would not reveal what has really happened. Although I understand this very well, your post delivers more questions than answers!

    1. yes, thank you for the feedback and for reading about Lily Dale. When I get the courage to do a reading I promise I’ll tell you all about it

      1. Well, if you do not say more here this will be quite understandable for me. A secret may be also a jewel. Nice weekend!

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