Morning beach walk

Hilton Head, South Carolina


Before the crowds morning beach walks give you the freedom to swim in your “jammies” and hope for a glimpse of sea creatures before they hide away for the day.

Sea Turtle Nests

After a rough night, some make and some don’t


Big enough to nibble on your toes

Seagulls and ravens

Sand fun

The coastline is a beautiful place. Β The salt air and the sounds of the breaking waves naturally calms the mind.

Folly Field Beach is a beautiful place to visit and stay awhile.

Winters are mild and short….Mid November – mid February

Bee Happy 🐝


Jo’s Monday walk


5 thoughts

  1. Blissful freedom! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Sorry I couldn’t leave a comment last night when I saw your post on my phone. Nice to see it in all its glory on the laptop this morning. Many thanks, and happy days!


  2. When no-one else is around early morning beach walks are the best – I often do them when I’m camping. I like the sea creatures you found but feel sad for the little shark 😦


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