Beach safety tips

yellow flag

Lifeguards on duty are the first sign that the beach season is here.  There are ways you can help them out by taking note of what’s happening where you are located.  Here are some signs to look for when getting your day started.

Posted beach warning flag


Check for the mile marker sign so in the event of calling for help you will offer an accurate location


Check the time for high and low tides…this helps to keep your towels and flip-flops from floating away when you are having a fun in the water.  But even more important is that shallow water can become deep very quickly.  For more information on tides and a link to check tide tables:


Learn about rip currents:

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 3.49.16 PM

Make a safety plan with the folks you’re with……

I always used the “count heads” method with children, at all times I had my eyes on them and if I lost one bopping head it was time to check it out.

Happy beach days….hope you get a good dose of vitamin Sea this summer 🙂

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