The decades of my life

Music calms the mind and brings back good memories of your life.

IMG_3521In Retrospect

I never would imagine in my younger years that my car radio would be tuned in 24 hours a day. On top of that, I can now place myself in any decade of my life by listening to the variety “oldies” channels.

The years leading up to my pre-teens from my best recollection had very little worries or stress. I’m sure my parents carried that load.

Then real life kicked in along with boyfriends, teen dances and loads of homework from school.
The lucky thing keeping a distance from anyone was as easy as taking your phone off the hook.
College days, serious relationships and decisions with repercussions came along, and we were shaking out heads for real and not just typing SMH.
Next came full life in motion and I jumped in with both feet and have been rolling full steam ever since.

But in any event, I slow down easily by turning on the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s channel just about anywhere. Music can change my mood in a second. Without a doubt, I have had rough times, but for some reason, I always remember the good and fun memories.

So, when my day is not going well I just remind myself that in 10 years, the worries of today will be the songs of tomorrow.

Thank a babyboomer for sharing love, compassion and peace  for all people 🙂

Feel free to sing along:



Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday


I better get some pep in my step and get this week started.


Did I hear you right? Did you say it’s already Tuesday?


Let me think about that a minute. Oh yes, Monday was a Holiday 🇺🇸


Yippee a four-day work week, let’s get this show on the road.

Wildlife lovers, visit Coastal South Carolina and Georgia to observe an abundance of wildlife.

Hat’s off

Graduation day and traditions

33924057_2278792335472166_7573010336308002816_o-2Graduation time is upon us and tradition has it that the graduates toss their caps into the air.
This tradition began at the Naval Academy graduation ceremony in 1912. When the Navy Midshipmen are commissioned they receive their Officer hats and the old ones are no longer needed.

This long-established act has been passed along to all graduates and expresses a symbol of “it’s time to move on”.

Beach safety tips

Lifeguard beach flags and beach safety.

yellow flag

Lifeguards on duty are the first sign that the beach season is here.  There are ways you can help them out by taking note of what’s happening where you are located.  Here are some signs to look for when getting your day started.

Posted beach warning flags


Check for the mile marker sign so in the event of calling for help you will offer an accurate location


Check the time for high and low tides…this helps to keep your towels and flip-flops from floating away when you are having a fun in the water.  But even more important is that shallow water can become deep very quickly.  For more information on tides and a link to check tide tables:


Learn about rip currents:

Screen Shot 2018-05-28 at 3.49.16 PM

Make a safety plan with the folks you’re with……

I always used the “count heads” method with children, at all times I had my eyes on them and if I lost one bopping head it was time to check it out.

Happy beach days….hope you get a good dose of vitamin Sea this summer 🙂