A Kind find —

For some home sellers, the old saying of “home is where the heart is” really has a deep meaning. Memories of family and friends, life events, decorating and remodeling all come bright to life when the reality of selling your home is looking straight at you. Buyers that are complimenting, comfortable and avoid talking about […]

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Shopping for real estate in inclement weather ☔️ —

A poor weather forecast may be one of the best times to look at a property that you have an interest in purchasing. An abundance of information may be clearly noticed during different types of extreme weather. During the buying process knowing these things ahead of time will enable you to budget for issues that […]


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Understanding fixtures and personal property in a real estate sale —

That perfect light fixture set off just the look you were aiming for when you when redecorated your living room. As you are getting your home ready for the market you become reluctant to pack it up even though you have no plans of leaving it. Now you are torn between the “staging effect” it […]

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Not so scary haunted homes

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Most people enjoy a frightening fireside story about a haunted house. Stretch your imagination a bit let’s talk about the friendly ghost in a home that occupants typically learn to live with and accept their presence. Yes, they can be disruptive walking around the house at night turning on lights or opening doors and cabinets […]

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