Curbside Cow

During this visit to my son’s house, he keeps saying he is on a streak of bad luck. So, just like my Grandmother, I rearranged things to send him down a different path.
Stored away in a closet, I found a big cow picture. The size was perfect for the dining room, and so it goes.

I commented about how much I liked the picture while my son and grandson sat silently at the dinner table. The next evening I said the same, and both spoke up about how uncomfortable they were eating steaks while the cow looked at us.

They wanted to cover it with a towel this morning so it couldn’t stare at them. Mind-boggled over the whole thing, I gave up. Although it pained me to carry it to the curb, out the door, it went.

I taped a free sign to it, and positioned it to stare at oncoming drivers.

As I peeked out the living room window ten minutes later, a car pulled to the side and loaded it into the back hatch.

Goodbye, my lucky cow; I hope you found a good home.

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